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To Promote the Implementation of a High Performance Culture

Inclusion in Mission, Vision, and Values

We advise organizations to include connection as a value in achieving their mission and vision.

Selection, Hiring of Personnel

We guide organizations to include in the selection and hiring processes the identification of profiles that naturally make use of critical behaviors to establish connections and positively impact performance.

Guidance on Performance Evaluation and Reward Processes

So that connection is part of the daily routine, we guide organizations in including evaluation criteria for critical conduct for connection.

Linking Performance Indicators from the Meta Learning Model to the Organization's KPIs

We advise organizations to link Losada Consulting indicators (LPI – Losada Performance Indicators) to the organization's KPIs.

Application of the Meta Learning Model in the Organization's Processes

We help organizations analyze and organize their key processes, in the light of connection, high performance and human flourishing

Management of Interaction Patterns in the Organization

We offer an electronic system capable of constantly monitoring interaction patterns in organizations, allowing quick decision-making and intervention, so as not to compromise the connection.

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