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To Identify and Transform Strategic Team Interaction Patterns

Initial Diagnosis

We use a psychological-mathematical model to assess the current state of your team. The data collected allows us to identify vicious behaviors that negatively impact performance. This is a critical step in the process

Training to Develop High-Performance Teams

Based on the diagnosis, we develop unique training and development programs suited to the specific needs of each team. These programs are designed to help team members work together more effectively. They include workshops, team monitoring and feedback throughout the learning and transformation process.

Meta Learning Coaching for Leaders

The strong influence and preponderance of leaders in the interaction of their teams, in shaping organizational culture, connectivity and performance, may require coaching sessions, during and after training, to accelerate the process of transforming teams' standards of conduct. Our coaching practice is established on the scientific foundations of high performance, according to the Meta Learning Model, by Marcial Losada.

Post-Intervention Diagnosis

We carry out new diagnoses, six months and one year after training, to guarantee the sustainability of learning, until the new behaviors are natural and habitual, transforming into stable virtuous patterns.

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