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About Us

"A great place to work must also be a great place to flourish." - Marcial Losada, PhD.

Losada Consulting builds on the incredible work developed by Dr. Marcial Losada and Dr. Geralda Paulista. Our goal is to support companies in developing their strategies, practices and teams to fulfil their mission, increase their performance by improving their interpersonal relationships and managing institutional knowledge.

Young Businesspeople

Our Story

Dr. Marcial Losada was a professor and the Director of Advanced Studies at the University of Michigan when he decided to leave the university. This was a bold move with the objective to receive more financial resources from private organizations in order to deepen his studies, expand his lab and team in his pursuit to discover the essence of high performance. 

EDS (Electronic Data System) saw the incredible potential in his studies, built a state of the art and unique in the world lab in Ann Arbor, Michigan. A lab in Cambridge, U.S.A, was also created. The company also funded the studies which would eventually lead him to groundbreaking discoveries in business team performance and interpersonal relationships. 

He then met and partnered with Dr. Geralda Paulista, an expert on non-verbal communication and team interaction. The work led and developed by these two outstanding scientists and consultants are the foundation of what this company represents. They have successfully changed the lives of many teams around the world. They truly changed people's lives and put them on a path to flourishing not only in the workplace but also in other spheres of their lives. 

Unfortunately, Marcial Losada passed away in November 2020 and left many in sorrow. His personality, findings and words will forever be present in the lives of the many he touched. It is in an effort to honor his legacy that this company continues. We will live by his findings and lead others on this path so they can find true meaning in their work and personal paths. 

Meet The Team

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