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Exclusive Services

Our team performance consulting company specializes in helping organizations improve the performance of their teams creating a sustainable culture. We use a combination of assessments, training, and coaching to identify areas for improvement and develop tailored solutions that address the unique needs of each team.

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Cultures of High Performance Program

We work with companies to transform their culture by establishing and maintaining a culture of high performance. This involves helping companies define their values and align their behaviors to those values, fostering a growth mindset, and implementing strategies to promote employee engagement and well-being. Through culture transformation, we help companies create a flourishing work environment that attracts and retains top talent, boosts productivity and innovation, and drives long-term success. We use the Meta Learning Model to establish patterns of interpersonal connections that create an emotional space where sustainable growth, productivity, profitability and flourishing for all members of the team can actually be a reality.

Some of Our Former Clients


What Our Clients Say


Lionel Olavarria, Former CEO at BCI

"I had the privilege to meet Marcial and have him as a consultant in the bank. His workshops were a fine mix of theory , diagnostics and practice that made my team aware and capable of managing moods. The result was to produce an expansive space of interactions and conversations that fostered innovation and greatly improved execution."
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