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Exclusive Services

We are dedicated to creating high-performance environments, in public or private organizations.


For us, high performance refers to achieving ambitious goals. Of equal importance, the creation of environments for human flourishing, where each individual expresses their full potential. ​


We lead organizations and teams to sustainable human dynamics of high performance and flourishing.

As we know that team connection is 91% correlated with performance, our basis is the science of connectivity.


The psychological-mathematical Meta Learning model, by Marcial Losada, is the source of our methodology, diagnoses, training, indicators and metrics that can be related to improving organizations' KPIs.

We use science to offer tools for identifying, intervening and

transforming patterns of conduct that disconnect into patterns

that connect.


Our programs are individualized (by design) in content and timing

To Identify and Transform Strategic Team Interaction Patterns

Initial Diagnosis


Meta-Learning Coaching

Post Training Diagnosis

To Involve the Entire Organization in Cultural Transformation

Training for Tactical Level

Training for Operational Level

To Promote the Implementation of a High Performance Culture

For the sustainability of a high performance culture, in a flourishing environment, a permanent focus on connection is necessary, from the mission, vision and values, to the design of the organization's processes. For this to happen, we offer a set of products and services to expand, disseminate and monitor knowledge and practice of critical conduct for connection.

Inclusion in Mission, Vision and Values


Linking Interaction Indicators to KPIs

Application of XXXX in Organization Processes

Management of Team Interaction Patterns

To Inspire Conducts that Connect

To introduce the topic of connection as a fundamental factor for high performance and human flourishing, we offer:


Diagnosis of Team Interaction Dynamics

Various Workshops

Business Meeting

Cultures of High Performance Program

We transform organizational cultures characterized by restrictive emotional fields, where mistrust, intolerance, superiority, fear and isolation prevail, which end up leading teams to low or average performance, into cultures identified by expansive emotional fields of empathy, solidarity, respect, trust and cooperation, establishing a sustainable human dynamic of high performance and flourishing.

Some of Our Former Clients


What Our Clients Say


Lionel Olavarria, Former CEO at BCI

"I had the privilege to meet Marcial and have him as a consultant in the bank. His workshops were a fine mix of theory , diagnostics and practice that made my team aware and capable of managing moods. The result was to produce an expansive space of interactions and conversations that fostered innovation and greatly improved execution."
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