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Memorial Candle


Marcial Francisco Losada

1939 - 2020


Mi Vida

Almost 3 years before his passing, Marcial Losada wrote about his life. From his origins to his hobbies. From his need for silence to his call to serve with love. From his curiosity to his view of death.  He is dearly missed by many not only for his extraordinary wit and intelligence but for being a great example of love on Earth.

Marcial Losada's Legacy

Dr. Losada was a brilliant investigator into group process using the best observational methods and most sophisticated data analyses. His breakthrough laboratory  revealed the secrets of group coalitions and power politics in action as he provided instant replay to  demonstrate these processes in action. No one has ever come close to Dr. Losada’s brilliant insights. He was also a superb Renaissance man, very learned and wise. To further  praise Dr. Losada, he was a very good man, caring, humble, and very gracious. I’m very sad that he is gone. The world has lost a great human being. 

John Gottman, PhD., USA

White Flowers

If, like us, you flourished because of Marcial Losada, leave us a note, a testimony or a simple love message to keep in our records.

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